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The world of mouth health is quirky indeed.

Brushing your own teeth

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Look back in your past.. Umm what was this one about again?

Brushing your own teeth

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Refect on a lifetime of living with and caring for your mouth.

An icon of insides of your body with a cute picture of a liver and more!

Inner Body
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Look deep inside for this fascinating quiz.

This icon of a lady in slacks and a tee is smiling as she's so happy with her mouth health.

Outer Body
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Is knowlege more than skin deep? Play this fun quiz.

A lovely illustrated image of a skeleton with muscles and all.

Body Systems
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Our bodies are made up of many amazing sytems. Explore further.

A global challenge

Oral diseases affect approximately half of the global population (3.58 billion people), and they are the most common noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) worldwide.

Oral diseases impact people throughout their lifetime and have been linked to maternal infections as well as systemic diseases including diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

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You are invited to be a part of a worldwide research project

By taking part in these activities, you are part of a global team that is exploring people's understanding of whole mouth health. This project began in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Australia, Nigeria and Chile, and is now Worldwide!

We are using Co-Design, a process that is based on ‘researching with’ rather than ‘researching on’ people. This means that the activities will change (and get better) as more people add to them, and we build our understanding of the connection with whole mouth health together. To learn more about the project watch this short video.

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